The B. Whitworth Dispute

Here is a picture of a Whitworth's Ginger Beer together with relevant comments from Gerard de Kamper

I know that there has been a dispute about this bottle. I can actually prove that this bottle is South African. Nick Welman owns a bottle of the Yorkshire Mineral Water company. On the back of the bottle is reads "successors to B Whitworth's Pretoria". This bottle has been recorded in the early 90's but the proof of the SA origin lacked. For further proof, I put it that more than 20 of these bottles came out at the Pretoria Dump.

Rods comments

This is an very interesting and a potentially exciting find. I am just a little concerned with the "Patronized by Royalty" slogan as this would tend to indicate a British connection.

I have asked Ethleen to investigate the origins of B. Whitworth and will advise in due course.

If you have any comments or information on this subject please e-mail them to

A special request for our British Browsers, do you have any information on the factory in England. All comments and information will be welcomed.

Rods comments 07-11-2002

After further investigation and discussion it seems clear that this bottle was filled and marketed in and around Pretoria circa 1895 however, in the truest sense of the definition (see new heading on unrecorded ginger beer page) this bottle was not specifically manufactured for a South African based mineral water bottler / factory and therefore cannot be truly considered South African.