An Early South African Manufactured Bottle found at Eerste Fabrieken outside Pretoria


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1790: Jean - Jacob Schweppe and Nicolas Paul start manufacturing bottles in Geneva.

1858: John L. Mason patents a method of bottle closure still in use today and named after him.

1875: Charles de Quillfeldt patents the swing stopper method of bottle closure. Only used on stoneware ginger-beer bottles circa 1906.

1879 - 1882: South Africa's first glass factory at Papendorp, Woodstock Cape Town

1892: William Painter patents the Crown closure. This method of closure only appeared on stoneware ginger-beer bottles circa 1912.

1896: The Hatherley Glass factory erected on the farm Hatherley, Pretoria East.

1896: 28 February T.W. James granted patent no. 4172 for Galtee More closure:

1899: Michael J. Owens invents the automatic bottle making machine (improved and finally perfected by 1903).

1918: Messers. R Wood & Sons started manufacturing hand made bottles at 60 Pine Street, Durban.


British Mallet
Circa 1760
Earliest Bottle in my collection

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