Every update is comprehensively recorded in this section in order to assist frequent visitors to enjoy the site to the fullest in the minimum amount of time.

We have also started numbering our updates so as to give you, the browser, a better reference point for enquiries. We are always trying to better the website to make it more user friendly. If you have any suggestions please mail us at info@antiquebottles.co.za. This website relies heavily on your input, no matter how trivial it might seem to you. Every time we update the site we come across spelling and typo errors almost as if some gremlin is putting them in! We accept constructive criticism gratefully.

If you would like to send a photo to Antique Bottles, please send it in the following format (when possible). Resolution above 800 x 600, preferably 1600 x 1200. The photo must be a high resolution JPEG at 72 pixels per inch minimum. Make sure that the item being photographed is not situated in shadow or in bright light.

October 25 - Notice

Works carries on with the new revamp and update of the Antique Bottles webste and everybody involved would like to wish Rod a happy birthday today. We hope the website only keeps getting bigger, better and more spectacular.

August 2014 - Update 42

The site is currently in the process of being updated. If you should find a dead link or any problems. Please mail us at info@antiquebottles.co.za

Sections updated: Brand Names, Digging

July 2006 - Update 41

A new section has been added, Flagons and Jars. The new forum is being tested and will be online soon. A question many people have asked about the Bols Ballerina on the previous forum has been answered. Sections that have updated are Rarity, Glass General, Brands, Links, Inks and Pickles and Chutney. We are trying something new in the Digging section under dumps, please e-mail us you r opinion

13-02-2006 - Update 40

An article Kronessents and Sequah in Quacks and Patents, 3 new Inks, and a complete make-over and update of the Information page. Doesn't sound like a lot of work but please check it out. We have also introduced a new section Pickles & Chutney.

27-11-2005 - Update 39

Pressure of work has dictated that we have not done an update for 2 months but this one is a HUGE one!

5 new perfume bottles, a new potlid, some case gins and stacks of new Brands. A couple of cures, 4 Odds& Sods and a whole new section with 6 new items... Match Strikers & Ashtrays. All this together with the usual spelling corrections and general spit & polish. ENJOY!!!

04-08-2005 - Update 38

Another 7 Brands in the new section bringing the total to 16. Only launched last month and already our most visited page... This has prompted an extension i.e. old brands... check it out!

Fixed a broken link to the printed pots and updated the Sauces section. The forums has been removed temporarily due to stability problems. We are currently working on a new forum which will be more interactive and give the browser more functionality. Keep checking the updates to see when this new forum is brought online.

03-07-2005 - Update 37

Another dozen stunning perfumes, 2 new cures including an ultra-rare early Bristish bottle dug in Kimberley, a number of new inks (will it ever stop?), an interesting addition to the S.A. Chemists and in celebration of our upcoming 3rd birthday a new section... BRANDS.

30-04-2005 - Update 36

5 new perfume bottles, some new inks, a long overdue update of the Digging section and a whole stack of corrections and minor touch-ups.

31-03-2005 - Update 35 (our largest...ever)

As promised the updates are running smoothly again and Brett has been working hard to improve the overall effectiveness and general workings of the website. The Inks section has been given a face lift and several new bottles added. The Printed Pots and Odds and Sods have also had some new additions. 3 New unrecorded Ginger Beers have been added and we launch a new section, Perfume. As always we need your input. If you gave any suggestions or find a problem within the website, no matter how small, please e-mail us at info@antiquebottles.co.za.

03-10-2004 - Update 33

A whole lot of new inks including kettles and cages. Three new cod patents and an interesting re-arrangement of the British Potlids section to include three new lids under Other Countries.

29-08-2004 - Update 32

Inks, Inks and more Inks. The new section will be very popular! Check out the stunning Gilbertsons montage at the end of Poisons, a few new Odds & Sods and we welcome a new Holloways to the printed pots section.

25-07-2004 - Update 31

The popularity of the Colourful Codds section combined with a never-ending stream of requests from British and American Codd collectors for more information has lead to our bringing about a new section ... CODD PATENTS. We are please to welcome the doyen of South African bottle collecting Al Lastovica to the contacts section (check out what he's dug in Cape Town!). An interesting article on Tony Sibert and the never ending spelling mistake corrections. A new Meldrums Pietermaritzburg Ginger Beer find brings our unrecordeds' total to 50.

27-06-2004 - Update 30

Two new American bottles. The Stone Gins section has been revised.

25-04-2004 - Update 29

After a lot of problems with the Antique Bottles.co.za servers which included the forums and e-mails we are finally getting back on track and would like to again apologise to our browsers for any problems they might have experienced.

This update: A rarity guide for the South African Ginger Beer enthusiast. If used correctly this may also indicate pricing / value. 16 new bottles in the Quack & Patent medicine section. Two stunning new additions to the Glass General Section.

The forum section has moved to make way for a new exciting Selling section.

22-02-2004 - Update 28

5 new items in the Odds & Sods. A new Unrecorded Ginger Beer from Ladysmith and a whole new section... Quack & Patent Medicines.

13-01-2004 - Update 27

Some nice new glass bottles in the Glass General Section, a new diggers top ten, two really stunning new Ginger Beer finds, BBR's 100'th edition and good few spelling mistake corrections form our latest update. We would also like to welcome a new overseas contact and a collector of Bloemfontein items in the contacts section.

18-12-2003 - Update 26

Our last update for 2003 has some interesting information under digging (a section which we have been seriously neglecting but which is in truth the lifeblood of our hobby) as well as a new section under glass bottles...BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS. One or two small additions to colourfull codds, odds & sods and glass gins completes this years efforts. See you all in 2004.

02-12-2003 - Update 25

A new section under glass bottles...Poisons has been added as well as some new odds & Sods and a number of minor updates. See how easy it is to scroll throught glass bottles / Codds.

We will be doing one more major update before our Christmas shutdown.

22-11-2003 - Update 24

A new section under glass bottles...Sauces & Relishes will be sure to interest our U.K. visitors.

07-11-2003 - Notice

S.A. dug items will be added in due course. The glossary has been updated with a few more definitions and so was the miniatures section.

Christmas is fast approaching and maybe some of you can make it to Melrose House on the 16th December for the Antique Fair. Hope to see you there.

23-10-2003 - Notice

Sorry for the more than two week delay but we are having a bit of a web developement problem but within a few days we will be back on track. Look out for a host of new additions in the Printed Pots section, some new American bottles as well as a brand new section under Glass Bottles .. Meat Extracts.

02-10-2003 - Notice

We're still going strong and so is our hobby. It is still too sensitive an issue to tell the whole story but please look at Ginger Beer new discoveries Premier Mineral Water Co (No. 2a) for South Africas most politically incorrect bottle with a spelling mistake to boot! Whilst on the subject of Ginger Beers it is somewhat sad to see some Ultra Rare S.A. bottles fetching mediocre prices at auction in the U.K. (No. 428 £ 20, No. 435 £ 30, No. 430 a miserable £ 40 at the March 2, 2003 BBR Auction.) One wonders, with the 10% Auctioneers commision if it is still worthwhile sending stuff over to the U.K.

The Autumn 2003 edition of ABC is bigger and better than ever and all South African collectors are urged to support this relatively new venture.

This update has a number of new items bought at the Melrose House Antique Fair mostly from Christo van Heerden who sadly has decided to give up collecting and channel his efforts in a different direction. We wish him well and assure him of a good new home for some of his prized peices. It is always sad when a collector, for what ever reason, disposes of his / her collection.

18-09-2003 - Notice

So we are 1 year old and still growing... our hobby seems to be expanding rapidly overseas but not much is happening locally. We first started with only a Ginger Beer section but have grown in leaps and bounds so that the website now includes over 14 sections available for viewing and a full glossary and rarity guide which are still growing. From our first month of only 200 hits to our last month of over 100 000 hits we have expanded rapidly.

We continue to add new sections and new categories for the browser to better enjoy the website and find a category of particular interest to them. We hope that the next year will be a properous year for all our browsers and Good digging.

This update will include a few American additions, Some more Printed Pots and update of the publication section.

15-09-2003 - Notice

A very pleasant phone call from Mitty Le Roux Heyns of Germiston resulted in us acquiring her collection and a wealth of unrecorded information which will assist us immensely in the months and years to come. Mitty is a very special lady who spent many years working for Consol Glass and who amassed a respectable collection of bottles, polids, dolls heads, ginger beers and more importantly, ephemera including some extremely valuable, unique and interesting information on Coca Cola and the Talana Glass Museum.

This update includes a number of new potlids as well as a new interactive pop-up information system with additions to the whisky and American Bottles sections. Some new plates have been added to the Odds & Sods section.

Hope to see you at Melrose House on 24 September when we look forward to welcoming Nick Ciovica (Florida U.S.A.) back for another visit and Waide Kidwell from Durban to the Transvaal.

Look out for the next edition (Issue 18) of the ABC when Russ Smith will feature some more of our South African Codd Gems!

14-08-2003 - Notice

New updates on, Odds & Sods, Glossary, Unlisted Ginger Beers and General Wares.

We have also made the Colourful Codds easier to navigate by putting them in strict alphabetical order. There are now 72 listed Colourful Codds and you will notice a quick return method at the foot of each page.

South African collectors are reminded that the next major bottle event is Melrose House Antique Fair on Heritage Day (September 24 2003).

28-07-2003 - Notice

New updates, Whiskys, Stone Gins, American Bottles, General Wares and some minor updates have been made to the website including new magazine releases, Rarity Guide and New Marble Differentiations for the Coloured Codds.

We would like to welcome a new contact, Mike Conradie to the website, thank you for your support.

09-06-2003 - Notice

New updates, Odds & Sods, Rarity guide - new stunning cobalt bottles and Printed pots now include Cheese and Cream pots.

The third build of Antique Bottles Website will be ready soon so keep an eye out for the new improved website including a search engine, direct category menus and the new VIP Section.

We are working on a new forum which will include picture submissions to make identification of your bottles easier.

08-04-2003 - Notice

Antique Bottles has undergone quite a few changes from our last update, we have added an information section with books and magazines that can be an asset to a digger / collector starting out or more information needed on a particular subject. A new printed pots section has been added with the famous "Boobs Out" Holloways printed pot.

The following sections have been updated with new pictures and information; Ginger Beer, Rarity Guide, Contacts, Odds & Sods and do have a look at a very spectacular lampshade in the Case Gin section.

The Colourful Codd section is now the largest section on the website boasting over 60 Colourful Codds and growing with every update.

In forthcoming updates we will be adding a V.I.P. section which will only be accessable to browsers who have registered as a contact with Antique Bottles. This new section will have a V.I.P forum, contact details not available to the rest of the website and many more exciting features, register today to gain full access to this part of the website.

We want your input, do you, the browser want to be able to place pictures on the forum so that other people may view and help you with your enquiries. please e-mail your response to info@antiquebottles.co.za

05-02-2003 - Notice

After a well appreciated holiday we are back to business. The forum has undergone a fine tune and a few new sections have been added due to popular demand. New sections added Gins, Coloured Codds and Odds & Sodds. Look out for some new potlids in the South African Potlids section.

There a new links in the contacts section and new contacts available. The South African Collectors Directory has been updated, so please go see new entries.

People have been having difficulty in registering to be a contact, so as a result we will be totally reconstructing the register process to a more user friendly interface, if you have been trying to register with Antique Bottles but have been having trouble, keep an eye open on this section.

We hope all our browsers enjoyed their Holidays and "Good Digging for the next year"

19-12-2002 - Notice

We have experienced and overcome a major problem with recieving e-mail. If you have sent us an e-mail that remains unanswered please re-submit. We have not been ignoring you!

The dolls section under categories / porcelain will please a number of people who have been requesting it and will provide an interesting overseas link. There are several new contacts and links in the contacts section. A new sub-section in the Ginger Beer page lists all known S.A. collectors past and present. A section on case gins will be completed and uploaded within the next week.

We are receiving a number of exciting and complimentary e-mails from overseas magazines and are investigating reciprocal links with them.

We would like to wish all our browsers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good digging in 2003.

23-11-2002 - Notice

We have added a Miniatures, SA Chemists Bottles and General Glass Bottles section in categories.

We are taking a breather until January to review and update current sections of the website, to make it more user friendly, please drop us a line in the forum on how we can update, or make better current sections of the website.

12-11-2002 - Notice

Updated the glossary with ten new definitions, fixed a character length error on the forum, the contacts section has come online please go see how to register. Added 2 new potlids in the British Potlids category.

We need your suggestions for the buy & sell section which will be coming online within the next few months to make it as user friendly as possible.

For any suggestions on improvements on the website please drop us a line in the Forum.

31-10-2002 - Notice

Another 10 new definitions in the glossary, another dump visited and discussed in the "About Us" section as well as some usefull hints and tips to new diggers in the digging section. Add to this a further 3 stunning British Pot-lids (can you spot them) and a magnificent new (previously unpictured) ginger-beer, adds up to a good weeks work. For any questions and answers, the forum is now online for your convenience.

There is a fascinating article in Afrikaans (translated for our international visitors) by Gerard de Kamper and the first of a monthly editorial type comment from Rod in the forum.

12-10-2002 - Notice

Things are happening quite quickly now, new updates:

04-10-2002 - Notice

Today we have updated the second edition of the website to include South African and British Potlids.

Brian White has just reported some amazing new colourelip cod finds which will be shown soon.

Mike Conradi from Durban will be sending a large number of unlisted ginger beers and the first of a series of articles on South African Diggers will be ready within the next two weeks.

You may have noticed the yellow buttons on the welcome page, this is to indicate which new sections have been updated to be an easy guide to regular browsers of Antique Bottles. In our next update the contacts, forums and register sections will also be online so keep checking back.

23-08-2002 - Notice

Today we have updated to the second edition of antiquebottles.co.za with a new look and feel

We have included a history section and the ginger beer catalogue has been brought online

01-07-2002 - Notice

Serious development of Antique Bottles website has begun, we will be adding exciting new features such as: buy and sell sections, Forums, VIP sections, Bottle Catalogues to view, an e-mail request of a bottle you have found and want to have it appraised, a newsletter, articles and many more features to come.

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