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In order to make our United States visitors more welcome this section will feature bottles from their part of the world. In almost twenty years of digging and collecting I have only come across four or five bottles from the U.S.A. These are pictured below however as our relationship with "Bottles and Extras" blossoms I am sure that there will be many more bottles in my collection (and those of other collectors) that transpire to be of American origin.

That is exactly the object of this website... TO INVESTIGATE AND EDUCATE.
Please go to new section (from end of October 03) Categories - Glass Bottles - Meat Extracts to see a number of new American "FINDS"

Austens / Forest Flower / Cologne / Austen Mfg. Co. / Oswego, N. Y. / U.S.A.
An Attractive clear glass bottle with deep inset panel.
RAVEN GLOSS / SHOE DRESSING / NEW YORK USA. This bottle was dug in Pretoria in a 1894 tip.

The Singer Manfg. Co./ Trademark
A characteristically shaped bottle. This one a nice shade of amethyst.

Queen Wide Mouth Fruit Preserve Jar. Embossed Smalley / Kivlan / Onthank / Boston / Union Made / 11 underneath.

Heros / Mex Import Company (Eagle Logo) Santa Fe / S. Meyerhoff

A very crude (and unfortunately cracked) two piece moulded bottle.

Acid / For / Half & Half Cement / The Manhattan Rubber Mfg. Co. / Passaic, N.J.

A singularly shaped stoneware bottle containing one of two ingredients necessary for early tyre puncture repair.

Two examples, the one on the right clearly older, of Dr Channing's Sarsaparilla, a blood purifier popular at the turn of the last century. Jim Megura in his price guide lists more than 140 Sarsaparilla bottles bearing the names of more than 30 manufacturers.

Coca Cola / Trade Mark Registered / RD. DES. No. 547 / 1937

Surely the most famous of all American Bottles and although not really falling into the category of antique bottles, still highly collectable.

A curious and attractive 1977 commemorative bottle produced by plant 24, Mansfield Mass. Can somebody please tell us more?
Warners / Safe / Kidney & Liver / Cure / ( Safe Logo) Rochester, N. Y.
Liberty Bell Bank. "A penny saved is a penny earned". Pass and Stow Philad. MDCCL111.
George Washington and Cape May Bitters. Both of these bottles are Wheaton ware with mock pontil scars. Very modern but very nice

An attractive and hardly used VAPO CRESOLENE BURNER complete with bottle embossed VAPO-CRESOLENE CO / PATD US JUL 17, 94 ENG JUL 23, 94 Unuasal to find this item with its original packaging, ,manufactured in the U.S.A.
Imported and distributed by ALEN & HANBURYS, DURBAN and with English and Afrikaans instructions.
Bought recently at an antique shop for the equivalent of $ 6!

We will gladly pay freight and insurance.