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The incised or impressed printed items in this section are not nearly as attractive as their underglazed transfer printed equivalents however they are far older and much more valuable to the avid collector.

John Foulger & Sons / Oil & Color / Works / London

From the Galeshewe Kimberley Dump. One of the oldest incised pots in my collection.

W. G. Nixey / 12 Soho Square / London (Doulton 40 Lambeth)

Another Kimberley find.

A nondiscript but crude slipglased wheel thrown pot. embossed SHEFFIELD / HARROGATE.
Rd 43102 / J. Mills / & Sons / LONDON a unique shaped "bee-hive" top and registered design number make this a very interesting bottle. It bears the potters mark Dolton & Co Ltd 2 with 37 above. A pair of Ink pots made by J. Bourne & Son for P & J Arnold, London