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Gin, Schnapps and Bitters were extensively drunk at the turn of the century, sometimes for their medicinal value (aren't we always looking for an excuse ?!) The most popular packaging for Dutch gin was the distinctive dark green four sided tapering bottle known as Case Gin. Some of these bore seals bearing the name of the importer / distributor.

Gin has been distilled in Holland and Germany since the late 1700's from the fruit of the Juniper tree and South African diggers / collectors are fortunate to have access to a far wider range of these bottles than their British counterparts. For some strange reason "sick" case gins are virtually unknown and it would appear that a better quality of glass was used in the manufacture of these bottles.

Thanks to Peter Vermeulen of www.deoudeflesch.nl we are now aware that some of the names found on the seals on these bottles being dug in South Africa are in fact traceable to liquor importers / distributors living in South Africa at the turn of the century.

We will be furnishing in-depth information on Spengler in the New Year.

The following are pictures and close-ups of bottles and seals commonly found in South Africa.


Sealed Case Gins

This bottle bearing the hour-glass seal is from Schiedam. The Importer / Distributor name: P. Loopuyt & Co.

A classical "pig snout" or rolled-lip case gin with M.P. Pollen & Zoon Rotterdam seal bearing a picture of a seahorse. Extremely rare.

John de Kuyper & Son Rotterdam. Note the wood grain on the flat panels of the bottle as well as the shoulder features.

S.A. Maas Schiedam

Simon Rynbende & Zonen Schiedam

A scarce dark aqua glass case gin of P. Hoppe Schiedam.

A rare brown glass example with Original Spengler seal.

A smaller version of John de Kuyper & Son.

J.A.J. Nolet Schiedam


Van Dulken Weiland & Co With Eagle Emblem

S Van Dijk Az Amsterdam

J. T. Beukers Schiedam with Rooster Emblem



J.H. Henkes Distiller Delftshaven

Erven L Bols Het Lootsje Amsterdam. This name more commonly found engraved on stone gins.

J. A. J. Nolet Schiedam        A. C. A. Nolet Schiedam
There are also Nolet & Nolet Seals... possibly brothers

V R with inverted anchor

Blankenheym is teamed with a number of other manufacturers. Here it appears he is waiting for a partner.

Three faint letters appear above the heron on this seal. Possibly A T S could anyone enlighten us.

P. Hoppe's Nightcap Gin (any excuse for a tipple!) Schiedam

The above seals have been photographed from a rather unique lampshade being made in the Tiffany style by Pretoria collector Albert van Rensburg and using only seals from case gins, Zara bottles and certain sealed Schnapps bottles. The lampshade has more than 135 seals currently in place and is not yet completed. Each time Albert digs a new case gin he is faced with an agonising decision...


Case Gins

A rare brown glass case gin embossed Blankenhymn & Nolet with distinctive shoulder arches and 2 piece mould seams.

An unsealed but nevertheless rare aqua case gin.

3 embossed case gins. On the left Simon Rynbende & Zonen, Blankenhymn & Nolet and J.T. Beukers Schiedam.

Louis Meeus Anvers and JAJ Nolet / Schiedam
An interesting pair of bottles found by Guillaume Fradet
in a river in French Guiana.

3 clear glass case gins. On the left an ultra violet purple Blankenheym & Nolet and two Rynbende's white label Genever

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