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New Section updated November 2005

Matchstikers and ashtrays were distributed free of charge and liberally by the distillers to pubs, hotels and bars in an effort to create brand awareness. Modern day matchboxes still fit on the plinths of the ashstrays however our safety matches can not be ignited (struck) on the roughened or dulled areas of the strikers.

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The White Horse Cellar Estab. 1742
A superb perfect condition dug ashtray (Forest Hill 1992) Note the date on the whisky jug above. Shelley England Rd 384295.

Simpson's Scotch Whisky. as supplied to the House of Lords
(No Potters Mark)

Abrahams Co Direct Importers
American Stores Kimberley
No potters mark.

Clan Mac Kenzie
7 Year Old Scotch Whisky
Late Foley SHELLEY England

Bates' Ales & Stout.
The Lucifers would have been struck on the roughened outer perimeter.

Fergusons P & O Ten Years Old Special Liqueur Scotch Whisky.
Potter: Wm BROWNLIE Ltd / James St / Bridgetown Cross / Glasgow.

(my first match striker... didn't know what it was for years)

Napier Johnstone's Old Highland Whisky.
James Green & Nephew London Rd No 474238

J&M. P.B & Co Ld Glasgow

No apology made for the poor condition of what must be one of the scarcest and most interesting match stikers, dug Kimberley 1986. USHERS Special Reserve and OVG Whisky with the first verse of "The Absent Minded Beggar" on reverse.


White Horse Whisky. A fine piece with gold trimming and roses. By Royal Appointment to His Majesty the King.
Late FOLEY SHELLEY England 7803.