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In his 1995 40 page catalogue entitled "MEAT AND SIMILIAR EXTRACT BOTTLES", Anthony Helliwell did much to elevate a rather mundane section of bottles to "COLLECTABLE" status.

We have recently learned that Anthony has sadly suffered a stroke and has gracefully retired from digging and collecting. Chris Cheeseman has bought Anthony's collection and will be carring on his good work. We look forward to Chris participating in the website and our meagre 12 bottles swelling to a presentable amount.

12 bottles pictured. Last updated 28 March 2004

Armour & Co Laboratory
Armour's Beef Juice
Chicago & London
The Armour Laboratory
Armour's VITALOX
(Note similarity to OXO)
JU-VIS 4oz
REGd No 512498
Reg No 291800
(Note panel for label)
Rd No 709922
A Green VIGORAL A Brown VIGORAL John Wyeth & Bro.
Beef Juice