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Updated June 2006

In the days prior to Pasteurisation and vacuum packaging most products were preserved in vinegar.
Either pickled raw or boiled to form a chutney these preparations were used to spice up Victorian quisine.

Mrs. Henry Adkins Senr.
Colonial Chutney Manufacturer
Fort Jackson CC.

Baird's / Pick les / Glasgow.

This bottle filled by /
and remains the property / of Mrs H. S. Ball, Fish Hook.

Ferguson, Sons & Co.
Port Elizabeth

Gillard & Co Ltd London.

I remember this chutney as a child growing up in the UK. Still available up until about 1960.

Y. A. Sharwood & Co. / Limited / Calcutta & London.

The original / Ship brand chutney
/ Manufactured in Bombay.

Ziman Bros Ltd / Pretoria
Very few South African pickles / chutney bottles have been recorded.