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Between September 1991 and the same month 1994 Ethleen Lastovica published 13 issues of her BOTTLES & BYGONES NEWSLETTERS in which she pictures no less than 28 South African potlids, each with a brief history of the maker. This is the only known list of S.A. potlids and even the volumous Dale directory has only 2 (no. 07 & C481) and Alan Blakemans excellent guide only 1 S.A. lid pictured.

The potlids vary in size (diameter) from 45mm to 93mm with the average being 75mm

For viewing purposes all of the following lids will appear to be the same size.
The number quoted next to each lid refers to Ethleen's Newsletter.

  • No. 23
  • Pretoria Drug Co Superior Cherry Toothpaste
  • SA's largest Potlid
  • Diameter 93 mm
  • No. 26
    N.O. Ruffel Corn Salve
  • This is the only blue lid recorded from a South African Company
  • N.O. Ruffel was a thriving chemist at the turn of the century and a wide range of bottles / flasks bear his name
  • Diameter 65 mm
  • This lid has a matching blue base.
  • No. 3
    A. Davidson Cold Cream of Roses
  • South Africa's only pink lid, unique in that the colouring was applied after glazing, so many examples may appear white.
  • Height 63mm
  • Width 70 mm
  • No. 2
    A. Davidson Cherry Tooth Paste
  • Note the old english spelling of chymist.
  • Height 62 mm
  • Width 95 mm
  • No. 6
  • B.G. Lennon
  • A classic South African Lid.
  • Diameter 72 mm
  • No. 1
    D.R. Crow
  • This is the smaller (67mm diameter) version of two sizes, note the placing on a par of Boksburg and London.
  • Diameter 67 mm


  • No. 29
    Wheelers Corn Salve
  • One of the most common and yet very desirable South African potlids.
  • Diameter 65 mm
  • No. 5
    K James & Co Chemists
  • A badly stained and crazed lid but a rare beauty nonetheless.
  • Diameter 74 mm
  • No. 12
  • Lennon Limited Oog Zalf (Eye Ointment)
  • The smallest (45mm Diameter) South African Potlid.
  • Note a bit of humour in the word "oog".
  • Diameter 45 mm
  • No. 10
  • Lennon Limited Otto of Rose Cold Cream
  • Diameter 80mm
  • No. 16
    Loxton's White Rose Tooth Paste
  • This lid still bears traces of the gold border which was present on most of its contemporaries.
  • Height 55 mm
  • Width 84 mm
  • No. 15
    Loxton's Antiseptic Tooth Paste
  • Another Loxton's with less gold border.
  • Height 51 mm
  • Width 80 mm
  • No. 4
    N.J.D. Gordon Saponaceous Tooth Powder
  • An attractive and extremely rare lid (reproduced from her newsletter by permission of Ethleen Lastovica.)
  • Diameter 74mm
  • Would the owner please contact us as we would like to photograph this lid.
  • N.J.D. Gordon Saponaceous Tooth Powder
  • An attractive reproduction manufactured not to fool the collector but to be attractive to the purchaser.
  • Easy to spot as the construction is completely different to an original.
  • Diameter 88 mm
  • N.J.D. Gordon Coralline Tooth Powder
  • This lid is reprinted from an article which appeared in the April 1977 edition of the South African Garden & Home. It proves the existance of a variation of lid No. 4 and is probably in England as it was not one of the items which Tony Siebert bought from Terry George of Port Elizabeth prior to her emigration.