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Updated 27-06-2004

Erven Lucas Bols and Hulstkamp Zoon & Molyn were the most prolific Gin distillers and distributors between the early 1850s and 1920 however a large number of other distillers bottles occur and are featured here.
Most of the bottles pictured below occur with and without the characteristic "ear"

Above a selection of Erven Lucas Bols Salt Glazed Gin Bottles from the massive 1,2 lt on the left down to the miniature (11cm) on the right.

Herman Jansen / Schiedam (Holland)

Blankenheyms / Zeeroudegenever

Wynand Fockink / Amsterdam (Z embossed on Rear)

Hulstkamp & Zn & Molyn / Rotterdam (Embossed C on Rear

H. Hellebrekers & Zn. Rotterdam

J.A.J. Nolet / Schiedam

H.C. Konig / Steinhäger / Brennerei / Steinhager (W embossed Rear Steinhäger - Urquell)

D & D
A scarce and unusual internally glazed bottle.

Georg Kreuzberg / Ahrweiler
Rheinpreussen. A smaller bottle with an unusually high neck

J.A.J. Nolet Schiedam. Double Headed Crowned Eagle Logo

Roisdorfer Mineral-Quelle. Thanks to Juergen Boehrens for info on this bottle.

H.C. Konig / Steinhäger / Brennerei / Steinhager W.

Victoria-Brunnen Ober Lahnstein

Georg Kreuzberg

Selters / Nassau

Surely the most famous and certainly most wide-spread throughout the world, Erven Lucas Bols het lootsje Amsterdam bottles keep cropping up from Panama to Portugal, Pretoria to Peru and together with the Ballerina bottle form the basis of the most frequently asked questions on our forum.

Tom Vermeulen, historian from the Department of Heritage of Bols, Zoetermeer, Holland has kindly provided us with further information on Bols Gin and Bolls Ballerina.