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This section will picture and describe bottles, jars, jugs, ashtrays, matchholders and related items bearing the name "Whisky".

The South African collector may regard himself fortunate to have even one or two of these items in his collection and even in the U.K., Whisky Jars are extremely rare and costly.

Jugs and Crocks

The Greybeard Heather Dew Whiskey
(H Kennedy Glasglow Potters Mark)

An unuasal green glazed slab sealed whisky jug. R. Thorne & Sons Ltd / Greenock & London. Scotch Whisky Distillers.

D & J Mc Callum's Perfection Scotch Whisky.

A Royal Doulton Dewar's Whisky Jug with sprigs.

A more recent (1953) Coronation commemorative Whisky Jar (Brentleigh Ware Staffordshire England)

White Horse Whisky from the original recipe 1746.

A group of 3 Cruiskeen Lawn Mitchell's Old Irish Whisky, notice the many differences in the transfers of the bottles left and right.
These are the only Whisky jars one is likely to dig in South Africa and they are found in various sizes with even a miniature having been seen.

A front and rear view of an Usher's Whisky Commemorative flask celebrating the coronation of King George & Queen Mary. June 22nd 1911. Potter Copeland Tate Spode.
Note the rose, thistle and shamrock sprigs on neck, the Welsh leek is absent.
Strange also to see "th" after V in George VTH