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South African Antique Bottle Collectors Registry

The following is a list of South African Diggers / Collectors, past and present who have been active in the hobby and who, by registering, will show their solidarity with this website.

The personal biography of Rod Comer
2. Adrian Ackerman Cape Town   Inactive. Sold Collection
3. Henk Beniers     Lost Contact
4. Paul Botha Pretoria   Active
5. Lesley Brits     Lost Contact
6. Ian Brown     Lost Contact
7. Abrie Burger Pretoria 15 years Active
8. Silvio Cagni East London   Lost Contact
9. Bruce Mc Cleery     Lost Contact
10. Henk Cloete Warmbaths   Inactive
11. Rod Comer Pretoria 18 years Active
12. Mike Conradie Durban   Active
13. Piet & Ria Cronje Cape Town   Inactive. Sold Collection
14. Trevor Dally Upington   Inactive
15. Paul Davies Durban   Lost Contact
16. Joe De Nocker Johannesburg   Active
17. Mervyn Emms Pretoria   Active
18. Richard Eva Newcastle   Lost Contact
19. Louw Fouche Port Elizabeth   Lost Contact
20. Attie Fourie Pretoria   Deceased
21. Engela Garifallou Bloemfontein   Inactive
22. Ken Gibbon Benoni   Inactive
23. Sandy Gibbs Durban   Emigrated
24. Peter Greef Kimberley   Inactive. Sold Collection
25. Gavin Grive     Lost Contact
26. David Hack Johannesburg   Emigrated
27. Chris Jacobs Upington   Active
28. Gerard de Kamper Pretoria   Active
29. Wade Kidwell Durban   Active
30. Pierre Kriegler Johannesburg   Emigrated
31. Paul Kruger Pretoria   Inactive
32. Basie & Lente Language Pretoria   Inactive
33. Al & Ethleen Lastovica Cape Town   Active
34. Roelf and Rene Laubscher Vereeniging   Inactive
35. Dale Lewis     Lost Contact
36. Dieter Losskarn Cape Town   Active
37. Tom Lotter George   Active
38. Pierre van der Merve Pretoria   Inactive. Sold Collection
39. Andries Meyer Kimberley   Lost Contact
40. Hugh Miller Pretoria   Inactive
41. Willie Nel Johannesburg   Active
42. Johan Nilsen Pretoria   Lost Contact
43. Dave Oosthuizen Cape Town   Active
44. Wouter Pypers Kimberley   Lost Contact
45. Albert van Rensburg Pretoria 15 years Active
46. Cliffy le Riche Kimberley 20 years Active
47. Ed Roder Vredenburg   Lost Contact
48. Vincent Rodericks Kimberley   Active
49. Marcus Schroenn Durban 12 years Active
50. Tony Siebert Potchefstroom   Active
51. Bob Stapelberg Mossel Bay   Deceased
52. Iain Steaurt Pretoria   Emigrated
53. Andy Tarr East London   Inactive
54. Clayton Thomas     Lost Contact
55. Martin & Zia Venter Pretoria   Inactive
56. Tommy Venter Pretoria   Inactive
57. Mark Vladoslavitch     Lost Contact
58. Werner van der Watt Pretoria   Inactive
59. Dick Wassenaar Pietermaritzburg   Inactive
60. Nick Welman Pretoria   Active
61. Brian White Bloemfontein   Active
62. Allan Whitebread     Lost Contact

The above are, to the best of our knowledge almost all of the known diggers and collectors in South Africa. If you know of any omissions / new arrivals please urge them to register or send their information as these people will automatically be advised of up-coming auctions.

If you would like to have your name and details shown as a collector of this popular grouping or would like to update your information please click here. Kindly note that the above list is not a part of the contacts page registration and only for South Africans at the moment.

From the above it can be seen that there are less than 20 active diggers / collectors in South Africa! Please lets all work together to propogate this wonderful hobby.