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The term "Ginger Beer" refers to the earthernware bottles used to dispense/market ginger beer/ herb beer & other aerated/carbonated beverages at the turn of the century

With the publication, during July 2000 of her excellent & well researched book " An Illustrated Guide To Ginger Beer Bottles for South African Collectors" (ISBN 0-620-25981-7). Ethleen Lastovica of Cape Town did the hobby a wonderful service.

Many Diggers and collectors were perhaps unduly critical of the time taken since inception of the concept and possibly unfairly impatient to see the end result without appreciating the tremendous amount of research (and cost) involved.

Be this as it may, the publication is of immense value to the serious collector and of great interest to researcher and beginner alike.

We will (with the authors permission) be quoting from and referring to this invaluable publication.

For more information on previously unrecorded (or not photographed / shown) SA Ginger Beer Bottles

For a handy ginger beer swap form which will enable you to list your doubles and grade them at the same time.

For a rarity guide compiled by Rod Comer and Ethleen Lastovica click here.